ENGLERT WERNER   Musician, Composer, Teacher

The germ cell concept

Improvisational workshop for any instrument or voice. The concept is an excellent way to introduce improvisation to all kinds of musicians, music educators, choirs, big bands, rock bands, brass bands and even full orchestras.

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Lebens.im.puls Musik (lecture in German)

Pulsation is life. The musical pulse is the germ cell of our energy flow.

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"Hit me with your rhythm sticks"

The strokes, executed with bamboo sticks, and moves from the traditional Philippine martial art Escrima serve as an excellent introduction to rhythm and pulse. Powerful movements and choreographies vividly demonstrate the energetic flow of collective pulsation, making way for accents and odd metres.

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The aim of this choir is to explore various models of vocal improvisation and generate a wide range of expressive tools. The focus is on free and spontaneous interaction, which can lead to complex arrangements.

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Song workshop

In this workshop, language is the starting point of an adventurous journey into the world of song-writing.

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